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Part Six of my Crocheted Pony Photoshoot—Group Shots

PLEASE NOTE: these ponies were made as a GIFT and were not made to be sold for profit. their design is based off of the work of highly-skilled designer lightbulbsdesign. Please refer to that page if you’d like to buy these adorable creatures, as I will NOT be selling them.

It was so much fun making these things. I don’t even watch MLP and I couldn’t stop making inhuman noises over their cuteness. I have plans to make other characters from the show, so if anyone has any requests make them now!

(Don’t even say Princess Celestia because she’s already next on the list!)

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    these are so damn cute. i wanna turn other animals into Ponies >
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    omg i need to make some of these.
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    These are now in lounge and I get to hang out with themmmmmm
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